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Must see! Véronique Leroy’s Eres cruise collection

Some collaborations just seem preordained. The first ERES Cruise collection sprung from the encounter between designer Véronique Leroy and ERES’ savoir-faire. The designer pictured the line at the frontier between clothing and swimwear, highlighting structured outlines and creating a new range of colors exclusively for the brand.


My first memories of ERES are linked with the singular colors I’d discover each season as I passed by the shop windows of the Place de la Madeleine store” said the designer.

I worked hand in hand with the ERES studio in order to meet their codes while being able to expressing my own vision” added Leroy who drew her inspiration from both the graphical lines of contemporary artworks and vintage photographs of women on the beach for the desired attitudes. “I imagined this collection as the dressing room of a gang of girls who leave everything to go on a deserted beach”.

vassily tsat-romy-noir

The swimsuits are all adorned with a delicate braid, graphical common thread of the line that highlights the cut of the designs. One of the pieces also cleverly transforms from a one-piece into a strapless two-piece for more versatility.

An array of accessories surrounds the swimsuit line, ranging from a beach towel and its rack to an oversized sack and a silk jumpsuit. “I wanted to create e cient pieces that are easy to slip on and wear along the day, even in the city” said the designer who even pictures her one-piece swimsuits turned into elegant bodysuits from time to time.

tsat-pierre-maurice-huguette roy

Together, swimsuits and accessories constitute a dynamic collection that enables women to be elegant at all times, be it by the sea or in town.

robert-sonia-sterling navy-suzy lee georges frantiesek alberto-claudine-piet

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