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Fresh! Kings of Indigo’s vintage patchwork jeans

For Kings of Indigo denim is the core, it’s what keeps the blue blood pumping. The Kings are always inspired by traditional design and production, but the Kings also love innovation. The SS16 collection brings new fits, innovative printing techniques and quality fabrics, inspired by traditional wear.


New fits

In 2016 the Kings introduce five new fits. The existing women bottoms are complemented with Marie, Kimberley, Jane and Rica. Marie is a high rise with a flare starting from the knee. The Kimberley is a straight high rise. The Jane has a high rise and is flared from top to toe. And last but not least the Rica is our tilted rise skinny, low rise in the front, and medium rise in the back. For men the Ryan is introduced, a straight mid rise.


Royal Core

Next to seasonal denims, Kings of Indigo offers a Royal Core program. Denims in classic fits and timeless finishes that are never out of stock or style. Classic blacks and blues for all occasions.

Denim apparel

Next to your favorite denims, this season the Kings also present a denim apparel collection.

For men the Kings offer jackets and shirts inspired by traditional work wear. For women the Kings take the denim apparel to the next level. It consists of classic items thast also fit the trend this summer. A repaired dungaree, a chambray dress, a pinafore dress and a seventies inspired button down skirt are just a few of the royal items.

Natural Indigo and Patchwork

Other items that stand out are the patch worked and padded kimono jackets, which show our love for Japan.  The fabrics used for these items have loads of character. Some fabrics are hand dyed in natural indigo, with one, two and three dips. Also the Kings of Indigo have created several other prints this season, as a screen print based on a polka dot handkerchief from the 1800´s and Japanese indigo floral prints done with ecru and navy. Last but not least an indigo check fabric is produced inspired by a natural indigo fabric from the early 1900´s the Kings bought in Japan, a handloom masterpiece made with super irregular slubs. All these fabrics together create the beautiful pieces, each fabric telling their own story.

Next to this traditional patchwork technique the Kings also bring a new innovative way of print developing. The art of digital printing allows the Kings to create beautiful traditional artworks in a innovative way.

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