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Must see! Versace fall 2016

Energetic, active, in control: individual pieces for city life – the Versace life.

Powerful tailoring and oversized coats are the backbone of a woman’s urban wardrobe, especially with ergonomic panels and functional zips.

Long-sleeve compact knit dresses have zips to reveal or conceal the skin beneath. Zip-up rib knits are the perfect base layer.

Shirts are the new essential, in a vibrant clash of fabrics – cotton shirting, printed silk, rib knit – just like the mix on a city street. Sleek pants are fitted before flaring to a cropped ankle.

The return of the Versace baroque, revolutionised in graphic black all-over prints against ice shades.

Glacier shards cut through dresses, or create embroidered jagged edges that join panels on sweaters and coats.

Outerwear is a focus, like the ice pink embossed biker and raw-edge duffels with leather-lined hoods.

Exceptional intarsia furs create a mirage of ice colours, while black sheepskin coats are treated to be both matte and patent.

Oversized sequins created jagged patterns on shimmer dresses, while sequins spill down black knit sweaters, the new choice for night.

The dynamic new Ryder bag has a soft envelope structure and metallic fastening that’s both elegant and totally functional for urban living.

The power of the Palazzo Empire bag, in fresh new colourways and accessorised with special charms and fox tails.

Metallic heels are like dramatic shards, the soles in memory foam with insteps lined in titanium, while kitten heels get a new attitude with ankle straps.

“This collection is so important to me. Every single piece is wearable, desirable, real. It’s about expressing a woman’s strength and her individuality.” Donatella Versace

Versace_Women_FW16_001 Versace_Women_FW16_002 Versace_Women_FW16_003 Versace_Women_FW16_004 Versace_Women_FW16_005 Versace_Women_FW16_006 Versace_Women_FW16_007 Versace_Women_FW16_008 Versace_Women_FW16_009 Versace_Women_FW16_010 Versace_Women_FW16_011 Versace_Women_FW16_012 Versace_Women_FW16_013 Versace_Women_FW16_014 Versace_Women_FW16_015 Versace_Women_FW16_016 Versace_Women_FW16_017 Versace_Women_FW16_018 Versace_Women_FW16_019 Versace_Women_FW16_020 Versace_Women_FW16_021 Versace_Women_FW16_022 Versace_Women_FW16_023 Versace_Women_FW16_024 Versace_Women_FW16_025 Versace_Women_FW16_026 Versace_Women_FW16_027 Versace_Women_FW16_028 Versace_Women_FW16_029 Versace_Women_FW16_030 Versace_Women_FW16_031 Versace_Women_FW16_032 Versace_Women_FW16_033 Versace_Women_FW16_034 Versace_Women_FW16_035 Versace_Women_FW16_036 Versace_Women_FW16_037 Versace_Women_FW16_038 Versace_Women_FW16_039 Versace_Women_FW16_040 Versace_Women_FW16_041 Versace_Women_FW16_042 Versace_Women_FW16_043 Versace_Women_FW16_044 Versace_Women_FW16_045 Versace_Women_FW16_046 Versace_Women_FW16_047 Versace_Women_FW16_048 Versace_Women_FW16_049 Versace_Women_FW16_050 Versace_Women_FW16_051 Versace_Women_FW16_052 Versace_Women_FW16_053 Versace_Women_FW16_054 Versace_Women_FW16_055 Versace_Women_FW16_056 Versace_Women_FW16_057 Versace_Women_FW16_058

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