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Must see! Versace Pre-Fall 2016

Versace on the streets – an urban wardrobe for the today’s powerful women.

Oversized drop-shoulder coats and jackets have a sculpted fitted waist, giving them a tough and elegant modernity.

A new scratch print has street energy, with pink marks like scratches running over a distorted background on zip-up jackets and miniskirts.

Sportswear is elevated with urban dresses with cutouts at the side and shoulder, as if layered.

Leather is refined in the sharpest tailored shapes, like the drop shouldered biker with a sculpted waist as if a corset.

Details are everything, like the coloured grommets and rivets used as decoration on sweatshirts, minidresses and the new Versace backpack.

The inside construction of tailoring inspires panel patches of leather and satin that decorate a moulded minidress and black tux blazer.

Tailoring also provides decorative detail, like the red tailor’s stitches that join layers of black leather and silk cady in a deep-V sleeveless minidress.

Specially developed fabrics are a focus, like the rubberised pastel flowers on masculine cloth for a long jacket and mini-skirt, or a blue fil coupe check running through a coat.

Outerwear mixes materials to create contrasts like the urban landscape, such as a trench with leather panels or a parka with inserts of sporty mesh.

Cocktail dresses have a vibrant city spirit, especially a slip and strapless dress embellished with little flowers in Swarovski crystal.

Moccasins are perfect for the streets in either flats or heels, while chunky-heeled Chelsea boots were born for the city.

“I love how the lives of Versace women are so rich and varied. I wanted this collection to give her everything she needs to always be her best.” Donatella Versace.

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