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Must have! Weekday jeans

Weekday Jeans uses denim as a sartorial building block for everyday essentials.

The season’s new silhouette is a relaxed fit that sits effortlessly at the waist, in both cropped and extended lengths, pairing well with tees, turtlenecks, and both the bomber jacket and leather jacket. Special details include contrasting jeans-like stitching, such as flat-lock and straight stitches on non-denim materials. Also new is an open-ended blue denim, which is a very blue, blue that complements the existing denim palette of blacks and blues.
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This season’s Weekday denim collection appropriately named Weekday Jeans; is a simple yet dynamic collection that focuses on sustainability, quality and distinct denim inspired details. Working in a more sustainable way, all Weekday 5-pocket jeans produced from February 2015 onward are made from sustainable materials. Playing on the unrivalled universal appeal of denim, Weekday Jeans blurs the lines of masculinity and femininity to create a youthful collection with an urban spirit.

“The Weekday Jeans collection is more an approach to fashion than a specific look – built on one of the most universal, versatile, and enduring garments there is, jeans.” – Louise Lasson, Creative Director

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