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Must have! Bulgari’s Italian Gardens Jewelry

Bulgari launched its newest High Jewellery collection entitled Italian Gardens during Paris Haute Couture fashion week. Following the exclusive June collection preview held in Florence, these extraordinary one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by the magnificence of the Italian Rinascimento gardens, were displayed at Bulgari’s George V boutique, during a glamorous cocktail gathering VIPs, socialites and international top editors. The new one-of-a-kind jewel collection celebrates Italian gardens having blossomed during the Italian Rinascimento, when artists began to shape nature into creations of arts.

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Architects, sculptors and painters used nature just as the fresco uses the colour palette: the boxwood hedges that form geometrical harmonies, delighting the eye through sheer purity of form; water springing from fountains, capturing the gaze and the senses; the delightful transfiguration of evergreens, pruned as sculptures; the fragile but potent flower colours, and then the statues, the festoons and the nymphs.

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Like the great Renaissance architects, Bulgari’s designers see nature as a great interlocutor with art: it is both a source of inspiration, through its unforeseen shapes and designs and a precious raw material that requires knowledge and respect in order to be transformed into unique creation.

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